Other Writing

Acre Lot With Furnished Lodgings at Drunk Monkeys
Don’t Let Him Rob You Twice on Brevity’s Nonfiction blog
The Nonfiction of Skin at Grist: A Journal of The Literary Arts
Astoria Shore at Segullah
“Kid” winner of the AWP Intro Journals Award in Iron Horse Literary Review
The Diving Pool first place in the 2020 Segullah poetry contest
What Happened on 12/21/19 at Essay Daily
I’m Worried I Might Be Hoarding at Filter Free Parents
Spinal Block – forthcoming at Cimarron Review
Let Me Tell You About the Evergreens at Utah Thrive125
Waiting for a Safety and Emissions Inspection at Jiffy Lube in Tar River Poetry
Bedtime at The Pensieve

Reprint of Pressing Pants at The Mighty
What Happened on June 21, 2018 at Essay Daily
Prodigal Son poem at Segullah

Pressing Pants at Waccamaw

For My Father’s Last Eye, the One Untouched by Melanoma in The Mighty and Relief Journal

Comics and Illustrated Works

Ode to My Late Rat at Silent Auction
On Book Curses: An Apology at Sweet Literary
The Haircut at Hobart

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