It’s been a minute…

Mostly, I haven’t posted for so long because my computer won’t update to the latest version of chrome—I actually had to post this on a different computer. Haha. 

But also, a lot has happened in the last few months, so a lot has slipped my mind. 

“Love and Dirt” in Guernica Magazine. Illustration by Anne le Guern.

In terms of writing, I am beyond excited to share that my essay, Love and Dirt, was published in Guernica magazine! This essay might be my favorite I’ve ever written. And I love Guernica—I’ve read so many essays from there that changed my life and inspired me to write.Β To have an essay published there is such an honor.

I also had a poem, Acre Lot with Furnished Lodgings, published in the ever delightful and idiosyncratic Drunk Monkeys, and before that, I was able to contribute (alongside so many other wonderful authors) to Utah’s 125th anniversary anthology with a short (125 word) essay, Let Me Tell You About The Evergreens.

Healthwise, things have been a little hectic—I had some gastritis (and possibly an ulcer) which lead to some nausea and vomiting for a couple weeks, then I had Covid and Strep within a few weeks, plus the bouquet of colds and bugs the kids bring home from daycare. Then a couple weeks ago, I was bedbound for a couple days with bad vertigo that has pretty much all subsided (I took prednisone and did some exercises for BPV, and between them something helped!). 

Which is to say, this body is a little worn out and haggard. However, I have taken up drawing again more recently, and that has been a real source of happiness. I’m grateful that I’ve been up to that (drawing has mostly not been an option for the last few years, due to CFS and hand pain) and that I’ve been able to do it with some consistency. Lately I’ve felt that drawing is one of the most enjoyable and peaceful things I do. Everything else melts away and years of practice and familiarity take over. 

Hopefully I will get around to posting some portraits soon!

That’s all for now—

much love,


7 thoughts on “It’s been a minute…”

  1. Just read Love and Dirt — and it was a fun ride into a world or point of view that I never imagined. I mean, I know, but not really, as I veer towards the opposite side of the spectrum.

    I remember one of my teacher trainers remarking on another teacher’s classroom and he hesitated as he was trying to find the right word to describe it, and he avoided messy, unclean, etc, and instead choose “free” — His classroom is more … free than I like to keep mine, and we laughed.


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