Essential Jobs for Essential Times featuring Anne Marie Malbica

My brilliant sister has been working in Essential Services since she was sixteen, from being a chef to a nanny to a behavior specialist. Now she’s getting a PhD in special education. She knows a thing or two about Essential Jobs. So, we collaborated on this post! She wrote, and I made the picture. Take a look and what she has to say, and give this post a share on behalf of some Essential Workers in your life!

Essential Jobs for Essential Times

by Anne Marie Malbica

I sense a shift coming to our society and I hope that it is a good one. Faced with so much uncertainty, people are realizing how unprepared they are–hence the TP crisis on top of the earthquakeandvirusmeggedon. Hopefully people are also thinking about what means most to them in this life. For me that is family, friends, and helping others. For me these things are #essential.

It is interesting to me to see things unfold. Interesting that in the United States the biggest catalyst and cause for panic across the nation was not the WHO declaring a pandemic, but the fact that the NBA season was cancelled. That was when the panic set in. Against recommendation from the WHO, hoards of people flocked to grocery stores stocking up on #essential items.

Each day, more and more things shut down and the initial shock and panic grows and grows. Fear is abounding that soon the only things that will remain viable are #essential jobs.

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Let’s take a look at some of these essential jobs. Jobs that people rely on day in and day out without a second thought, like getting people food, shelter, and water. Jobs that hold other people’s very lives in their hands. These jobs are essential. These jobs #essentially save lives.

I have worked in human services for 16 years, and am now working on a PhD in Special Education with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis. My field depends on healthcare workers, cleaning and culinary services, behaviorists and direct care staff, among so many other workers who tirelessly provide the #essentials of life.

Essential carriers have not only become less desirable, but frowned on as a “stepping stone” for people to use while they pursue bigger better things.

For years I have watched these jobs dwindle in popularity as newer, more exciting careers are born. Why would anyone want to take out the trash, fix toilets, or support those less fortunate when they can make a six figure salary working on the next hot take or make millions being a star? Essential carriers have not only become less desirable, but frowned on as a “stepping stone” for people to use while they pursue bigger better things. We live in a very convoluted world when “It takes a special person” to want to do the careers that are #essential for survival.

Let us take this as a lesson. There are essential jobs! They are NOT the jobs that make millions. Essential job workers need to be able to make a living wage. Essential job workers deserve a pay raise because they save lives! This is my call to action to invite a rapidly changing workforce to consider these essential jobs, as well as to raise pay rates and appreciation of all of the undervalued jobs that are #essential for humanity.

#teachers #DSP’s #socialworkers #garbagemen #groceryclerks #nurses #electricians #plumbers #mechanics

*Please share, whether you know someone who works in an essential job or just want to say thank you!

Anne Marie Malbica is currently a PhD student in Special Education at University of Utah and has worked in direct support services for over a decade.

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